How it Works
Filing your ISF to U.S. Customs is fast and easy with ezISF!
Step 1: Enter Your Data

Simply enter your contact info and upload your ISF documents and proofs of ID via our easy to use online form. Once we receive your submission, a import specialist will review your import documents thoroughly and to file your ISF with U.S. Customs within 6 hours of receipt. 


•Enter all information entered onto the online form is correct and accurate. 

•Upload all the required documents such as the ISF Info Sheet, Invoice and Proofs of ID.

•File your ISF as soon as your seller provides you ISF information. Filing early is better than late with U.S. Customs. 

Step 2: Enter Payment

Knowing what you are going to pay for a service is important. The fees for ISF Filing and ISF Bond we offer a flat rate of $110. ISF Filing is $30, with the ISF Bond at $80. Most overseas sellers would offer to file your ISF and charge Importers later when goods arrive with their US freight company which can be upwards of $150 or more.  

Step 3: Electronic Filing

We file electronically with U.S. Customs directly the same day we receive your submission. ISF Filing services is available for All USA Ports, 7 days a week. 

Step 4: Receive your ISF Confirmation

Receive copy of your completed ISF Filing to Customs the same day. The completed ISF Filing will contain the ISF Transaction Number which you can provide to your seller to confirm that the ISF is filed as this may be needed by their shipping company. 

Ready to Start your ISF Filing?