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EZISF Importer Security Filing Online Services

Easy ISF Filing for your Imports!

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ISF Filing for All USA Ports
24/7 ISF Filing Services
Easy for New Importers & Businesses
Get all-inclusive pricing, same day e-file your Importer Security Filing (ISF) to U.S. Customs fast and easy. One Flat Rate $95 gets your ISF Filed with U.S. Customs! ($25 ISF Filing Fee + $70 ISF Bond)
U.S. Customs Requires the ISF Filing to be filed 24 hours before loading of vessel, or subject to $5,000 late penalty.

Late ISF's must be filed immediately to show due dilligence to decrease risk of penalty.

Who Uses ezISF?

Businesses use ezISF to file and manage their 
importations into the U.S. with ease via the online 
account interface which keeps a history of their ISF transactions, and allows them to re-file ISF's in minutes with saved templates.
Individual importers use ezISF to file with U.S. Customs with the hassle free online service we provide. No more waiting for return phone calls or email quotes for service reply from customs brokers to start service. New importers and repeat clients use us to file with upfront pricing, no hidden fees.




Need to file ISF with Customs today to avoid $5,000 penalty? Simply, use our Online Filing form for Same Day filing. 

ezISF Customers who use our ISF Filing Services

Importer Security Filing (ISF) FAQs

1. What is Importer Security Filing (ISF)?

Importer Security Filing, commonly known as ISF, is a mandatory U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirement for importers to provide specific information about their shipments before they arrive in the United States. It is aimed at enhancing national security and streamlining the customs clearance process.

2. Why is ISF filing required?

ISF filing is required to enable CBP to assess and address potential security risks associated with incoming shipments. By providing advance information, CBP can identify and address security concerns before the cargo arrives in the U.S., promoting a more secure and efficient supply chain.

3. When should I submit the ISF filing?

ISF filing must be submitted no later than 24 hours before the cargo is loaded onto the vessel bound for the U.S. It is crucial to adhere to this deadline to avoid penalties and ensure a smooth customs clearance process.

4. What information is required for ISF filing?

ISF filing requires specific information about the shipment, including but not limited to:

  • Seller name and address

  • Buyer name and address

  • Manufacturer name and address

  • Ship-to name and address

  • Commodity Harmonized System (HS) code

  • Container stuffing location

  • Consolidator name and address (if applicable)

  • Importer of Record (IOR) number or other identification

5. Can I amend an ISF filing once it's submitted?

Yes, amendments to the ISF filing can be made if there are changes or corrections to the provided information. However, amendments should be submitted well in advance of the cargo's arrival to avoid delays and potential penalties.

6. What happens if I fail to submit the ISF filing?

Failure to submit the ISF filing accurately and on time may result in penalties and delays in customs clearance. It is crucial to comply with ISF requirements to avoid such issues.

7. How can I submit my ISF filing?

ISF filings are typically submitted through the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) or through an authorized filing agent. Ensure that your chosen method complies with CBP regulations and guidelines.

8. Are there any exemptions to ISF filing?

While there are limited exemptions to ISF filing, it is essential to check with CBP to determine if your shipment qualifies for any exemptions. In most cases, importers are required to submit an ISF filing for their shipments.

9. Where can I find more information about ISF filing?

For additional information about ISF filing requirements, guidelines, and updates, refer to the CBP website or consult with our customer support team at email or call us at 877-542-5610.

10. What do you charge for the ISF Filing?

EZISF provides one flat rate of $110 to file your ISF. The cost breakdown is $30 for the ISF Filing Fee and $80 for the ISF Bond which is required by CBP. 

10. How long do I need to wait in order to receive the completed ISF?

The turnaround time is 6 hours or less to receive a copy of the completed ISF with the transaction number. All submssions are processed 7 days a week.

Individuals and businesses which require fast same day, hassle free ISF Filing can obtain service simply by filling out the contact form. Upon submission you will receive an email from one of our ISF specialists to assist you to get your ISF Filing submitted to Customs the Same Day.

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