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Pricing & Rates

ISF Filing Fee
Our ISF Filing are upfront. No long list or hidden fees!

ISF Filing

ISF Filing is required to be filed by law 24 hours before loading of vessel or subject to $5,000 possible penalty by U.S. Customs. All shipments are required to have ISF on file even if submissions are late. Non filing of ISF when shipment is arrived to port may be subject to exam or increased risk of penalty.

ISF Filing Rates

ISF Filing ($25) + ISF Bond ($70) : $95 Flat Rate

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance services are available upon completion of the ISF Filing via our broker agent.  Clearance involves electronic submission of the 3461+7501 to CBP to pay for the import duty, fees, and the coordination with the local US freight company arrival and release of goods. Importers are to be aware that U.S. Customs reserves the right to flag shipments for customs exam which may bear extra cost to the importer upon completion.

Customs Clearance Rates

Customs Clearance: $125

Customs Entry Bond: $60 if required. Covers up to $10,000 in value. 

If goods subject to FDA, USDA, EPA, DOT: $50

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