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ISF Meaning and why U.S. Customs needs you to file the ISF


Your first import, and the ISF Filing

For most new importers, the notice to file their ISF with U.S. Customs is usually being caught off guard by their seller or shipper that they need to file the ISF asap, or face fines and penalties if late. With the sudden need to file the ISF immediately, first the question that needs to be answered to many importers is  "what is the ISF and what does it mean to file it? 

ISF meaning defined, and why it is needed

ISF is an acronym for Importer Security Filing. This filing is required by U.S. Customs to be filed 24 hours before departure of the overseas vessel in order to prescreen all goods before they arrive into the United States to prevent unlawful/ harmful goods from coming into the country which may pose a threat to homeland security.  

Other names for the ISF Filing are ISF 10+2, Importer Security Filing or simply ISF. 

So how do I file my ISF?

Here at EZISF USA, importers can use the Online ISF Filing Form where you can provide your contact and shipment information electronically to us to file your ISF fast same day whenever you are ready. 

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