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How to file the ISF using EZ ISF Online Form


Step 1: Have ready your documents

There are 4 documents needed to file the ISF:

1. ISF Info Sheet provided by the Seller

2. Copy of the proforma or commercial invoice provided by the Seller

3. Photo ID: Drivers License, State ID 

4. Document Proof of Tax ID Number (provide either one) 

-Individual Importers: Provide SS Card, W2, Tax Return, or any Federal issued documentwhich contains your Social Security Number and personal name.

-Business Importers: Provide IRS EIN Confirmation Letter, Tax Return, or any Federal document which contains the business name and EIN.

Step 2: Start ISF Submission via the Online Form

Enter your contact information and to upload the 4 documents:

1. Go to the EZ ISF Online Filing Form

2. Enter your contact information

3. Upload the 4 documents listed above

4. Complete payment for $95 by credit card at the end of the form

5. Click submit button

Receiving your ISF Confirmation

Post Submission ISF Completion:

Upon sucessful submission of the EZ ISF Online Form, one of our import agents will review your documents thorougly and to file the ISF with U.S. Customs within 6 hours of receipt. A copy of the completed ISF Filing and ISF Transaction Number will be emailed to you also within this time frame which you can provided to your seller or shipper to notify them this requirement is completed. 

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