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Customs Bonds

Here at EZISF we simplify the import process by including the required customs bonds with your ISF Filing and Customs Clearance. Why pay upwards of $250+ for a Continuous Bond which does not include the cost of the filings for ISF and clearance? 


EZ ISF offers the convenience of including the bonds with the filings to US Customs at a single flat rate.


ISF Filing with ISF Bond: $110

How do I get a ISF Bond?

The ISF Bond is included with the price of your ISF Filing. ISF Bonds are required by CBP to ensure any non compliance penalties or fines will be covered by an insurance company if these are issued to the Importer. Bonds are non refundable insurance guarantees to CBP.

What is a Single Customs Entry Bond? 

When your goods are near arrival to port, the US Customs Entry 7501+3461 is required to be filed to CBP to pay for import duties and for them to determine admissibility of the goods. Just like the ISF Bond covers the ISF Filing, the Customs Entry Bond will cover the Customs Entry Declaration. Single Customs Bond will cover 1 shipment only per filing.

What is a Continuous Bond? Should I get one?

Continuous Bonds are used for Importers who import regularly throughout the year and is not recommend for one time or infrequent importers. If you import more than 3-4 shipments a year, a Continuous Bond may offer more cost savings as this bond can be used for 365 days to cover both the ISF Bond and also Customs Clearance Bond. 

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