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ISF Filing Instructions

ISF Filing requests are submitted via the Online Filing Form. All information and documents are required to be filled out entirely and uploaded in order to process the ISF upon receipt. If there are any missing documents or information required, a ISF Specialist will contact the person listed on the filing request to obtain in order to complete the ISF Filing. 

ISF Documents and Proof's of ID Required 

U.S. Customs requires two forms of ID to verify the identity of the Importer of Record associated with the filing. 

  1. ISF Info Sheet from Seller 

  2. Invoice from Seller 

  3. State ID or Drivers License

  4. Upload Proof of Tax ID # : Social Security or Business EIN #:

  • Individuals provide: Social Security Card, w2, or Tax Return

  • Business entities provide: IRS EIN confirmation letter, Articles of Incorporation or Corp. Tax Return

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